Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy weekends!

It's funny, seems like the weekend is the busiest time of the week for me! I guess if I had to choose between a two day work week versus a five day work week, my decision would be pretty obvious.

Haven't really played since the So Percussion incident, with the exception of a few triangle notes in PSO (for our concert tonight!) Worked until about 4 or so, went to the library to check out some scores, and started going through Strauss' Burleske in D minor with the recording and my part. I figure if I can't play right now, I better be able to understand this music inside and out.

I'm pretty worried about how I'm going to keep up this year. I'm probably playing Village Burial in December, I have a recital in February (well, technically in November but I highly doubt it's going to be ready by then... I'm probably going to take an incomplete), an audition for Yale in March or April, and between then and now I just want to get really good. However, I feel like I can't keep up with everything. I definitely couldn't afford to take this break, I'm barely keeping up with my VB part (thank god for the chanting sections), I haven't found half of my setup for ...And Points North (theater piece by Stuart Saunders Smith), I haven't played marimba in like a week, and I've only finished one page of Omar (vibraphone piece by Franco Donatoni) when I'm supposed to have the notes to the first movement learned by the time Bob gets back. On top of that, I've got a whole slew of snare drum stuff that I need to learn for David Skidmore (Bob's teaching assistant), and four major orchestral works on timpani. Personally, snare drum is the most important to me right now, because it's my weakest discipline. However, academically, everything else is more important! Argh.

My right arm is feeling a lot better since Thursday. I went to therapy Friday morning (which helped a lot) and have been resting it since then, so hopefully I can start using it again soon. It still feels weak (which is strange, I'm not used to my left arm feeling stronger than my right), but I think I'll be back into playing soon. Just gotta stay smart!


  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know, my friend Patty (who was also a student of Bob's) Had the same problem with her right hand during her senior year. I think shes doing much better now. Shes in NY working on her masters at NYU for jazz. But no worries, all I can say is keep your mind clear because most of the physical stuff is mental anyway. Sometimes when these things happen, they can seem like major delays, but in a positive light, they are there to focus us on more internal issues; we eventually come out the other end more self aware, and enlightened.

    Good luck, dude

  2. Hi Ashley, thank you so much for your insight and optimism. I've actually met Patty, but I had no idea she had problems with her hands as well. She's a killer player too, whatever she did must have worked. I'll try to contact her again and get her story. But you're right, one thing I have noticed is that I have become much more self aware and focused on things I would've never considered had this not happened. Thank you :)